Interested in professional development opportunities for you and/or your early childhood organization?

Lisa G. is a part of Vermont’s Instructor Registry and has a long history of delivering active and inspiring education to early childhood professionals state-wide. Contact Wonderblasters for more information!

Current offerings include:

Ready, Set…GROW! (2 hours)

Movement games are not only fun, they also encourage physical activity while reinforcing healthy development in all domains of learning. Deepen your understanding of the rich opportunities for growth found in active play in this workshop meant to renew participants’ energy for providing indoor and outdoor gross motor activities for children of all ages!

The Play Instinct: Have You Lost Yours? (2 hours)

If we are going to be successful advocates for play in the lives of children and families, then we need to be in touch with our own playful selves. Participants will explore several types of play in an effort to reconnect with their own play instinct. From there, participants will deepen their understanding of the value of play and discuss ways in which they can promote playfulness as the foundation for strengthening the families that they work with.

Playful Families Are Resilient Families (2 hours)

This workshop is based on the idea that play fosters strong relationships and strong relationships foster resilience. Key points that will be covered will include: how play strengthens relationships, playfulness as a way of being, playful families are resilient families, our role in building parents’ confidence in play.

Inventors Workshop: Discovering Open-Ended Materials (2 hours)

This workshop engages participants in hands-on play, and thereby introduces them to strategies for incorporating open-ended materials into their curriculum to support children’s thinking and learning. Time will be spent generating practical ideas of how to create a learning context for building and sustaining relationships with materials, others, and the environment. Participants will leave with ideas for offering experiences using open-ended materials in their classrooms and with ways to communicate the importance of open-ended play to children, parents, and other members of the community.

Promising Playgrounds (2 hours)

A growing number of people are taking a new approach to the design of play spaces motivated by the question: How can playgrounds be planned and designed so that children not only find the physical and social stimulation necessary for healthy development, they also re-engage with the culture and ecology of their place? This workshop aims to explore this question and raise awareness and understanding about the role of outdoor play for healthy child development while offering examples of innovative ideas and concepts for participants to implement at their home or program playgrounds.

Fostering Young Children’s Development Through Outdoor Play (6 hours)

Along with being incredibly fun, research shows that frequent, spontaneous play in wild outdoor settings provides perfect support for all domains of child development and encourages lifelong healthy habits of mind and body. Meant to inspire, educate, and provide first-hand experience, this interactive workshop will leave participants with a better understanding of the benefits of outdoor play, and it will guide teachers in developing practices that facilitate learning in an outdoor setting. Time will be spent actively engaged outside in order to encourage a deeper understanding of how children interact with their natural surroundings and how these important interactions connect to the VELS.